LAGR737 KC-135 62-3551

18:18:35 20-11-21 UTC AES:AE05A8 GES:C1 2 .23551S ! AA E Boeing KC-135R United States Air Force


                FANS-1/A CPDLC Message:

                CPDLC Uplink Message:


                   Msg ID: 3

                   Timestamp: 18:18:26

                  Message data:

                   PROCEED DIRECT TO [position]

                    Fix: KUXUS

                   CLIMB TO AND MAINTAIN [altitude]

                    Flight level: 360

                   REPORT LEAVING [altitude]

                    Flight level: 230

                   REPORT LEVEL [altitude]

                    Flight level: 360

The effect of combining different monitoring sources becomes apparent with the example above. Receiving a satellite ACARS message creates to the possibility of an online ADSB check that provides additional details of the flight. The KUXUS waypoint = N70°6.27′ E14°46.16′

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