AE10B510186A21-12-28 16:00:1821-12-28 21:46:14C17United States Air Force
AE2FA388191A21-12-28 14:38:3621-12-28 20:11:47C17United States Air Force
4B820700326S21-12-28 18:40:5121-12-28 20:08:51K35RTurkish Air Force
AE145B66157A21-12-28 15:03:0421-12-28 17:07:41C17United States Air Force
480C03G-27321-12-28 14:36:3921-12-28 15:56:33C130Royal Netherlands Air Force
AE117021098A21-12-28 14:33:5621-12-28 14:33:56C17United States Air Force
4AB423SE-MAC21-12-28 14:12:5421-12-28 14:12:54DH8CSwedish Coast Guard
4CC468TF-SIF21-12-28 11:08:4921-12-28 14:01:07DH8CLandhelgisgæsla Íslands
AE08F083049921-12-28 09:07:5921-12-28 09:47:30BE20United States Air Force
AE068700349S21-12-28 00:42:0021-12-28 01:15:04K35RUnited States Air Force
AE057086-001921-12-27 18:25:1021-12-27 19:01:07C5MUnited States Air Force
AE49C409-920821-12-27 15:14:0421-12-27 17:03:14C17United States Air Force
A few military logs from another Jaero logfile indicating the variety of military satellite ACARS users

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