This morning in the raw Jaero data the following appears:

07:01:29 03-01-22 UTC AES:AE0979 GES:90 2 ..10076 ! H1 E
     – #M1FPN/RP:DA:ETAR:AA:EBCV:D:TOLE2L.LIMGO:F:LIMGO,N49382E006169.N852..LNO,N50352E005426..LNO,N50352E005426.L607..GILOM,N50451E004464..HUL,N50450E004385.M617..CIV,N50344E003500F739

This data probably belongs to USAF C-37A 01-0076 enroute from ETAR to EBCV. However looking up this flight on ADSBexchange leads to SPAR87 with HEX AE0978 instead of AE0979 as mentioned in the Jaero data…

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  1. Beantwoorden

    The ICAO24 in the Jaero data is always “correct” as it is send by the aircraft.
    The Registration is inserted from a database, so that might not be correct.
    There is no flight-nr showing in the message header which means it is a Ground to Aircraft message.
    The terms uplink and downlink can be confusing when talking about Jaero data, as all messages you receive are send (forwarded) by the satellite and thus, depending on your context, always “downlinks”. 🙂

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