A regular sight in the last couple of days: a EUFI going RTB UK from Eastern Europe accompanied by an MRTT / Voyager. To the north of The Netherlands both aircraft split-up and continue single ship.

43C6F7 RRR9912 ZZ334 A332 22-05-10
43C792 PSYCHO25 ZK364 EUFI 22-05-10

ADS-B Log – 04MAY22

AE04AB ——– 99-00102 C560 

44F0A6 ——– FA-56 F16 

800C3D ——– K7067 B77W 

AE018A ——– 84-0096 LJ35 

3FBB26 ——– 31+51 EUFI 

3F46DB ——– 54+27 A400 

44F67F ——– ST-48 F260 

480410 AG01 J-017 F16 

48085C APCHE12 Q-13 H64 

480869 APCHE15 Q-26 H64 

44F666 BAF152 ST-16 F260 

44F661 BAF154 ST-03 F260 

44F183 BAF411 FA-123 F16 

44F109 BAF412 FA-89 F16 

44F143 BAF431 FA-103 F16 

44F183 BAF432 FA-123 F16 

44F142 BAF433 FA-102 F16 

44F101 BAF435 FA-81 F16 

44F685 BAF648 CT-05 A400 


48040D BULDG01 J-014 F16 

C2B3B9 CFC4154 15003 A310 

C2B52B CFC4228 130601 C30J 

3B7767 CTM2011 0062 A400 

480C22 DIAMO12 L-02 PC7 

480C2C DIAMO13 L-12 PC7 

480C29 DIAMO24 L-09 PC7 

8961B4 DUB3 A6-COM B744 

ADFEBB DUKE23 95-00123 C560 

AE07BE ESSO75 62-3578 K35R 

3F656D FATE1 30+98 EUFI 

3EA653 GAF661 54+05 A400 

3F4E27 GAF685 14+02 GL5T 

AE01D1 JAKE11 62-4130 R135 

484607 NCG01 PH-CGN D228 

AE0231 NCHO130 87-0119 KC10 

AE01DD NCHO220 79-1712 KC10 

481054 NEPTN06 N-327 NH90 

481048 NEPTN14 N-228 NH90 

481054 NEPTN15 N-327 NH90 

3E8555 PACK23 31+38 EUFI 

AE0480 QID34 60-0324 K35R 

AE05DE RCH146 87-9281 C130 

AE0814 RCH282 00-0178 C17 

AE07DD RCH3259 93-0603 C17 

AE145A RCH395 06-6156 C17 

AE146F RCH396 07-7177 C17 

AE1460 RCH398 06-6162 C17 

AE08E3 RCH4593 00-0183 C17 

AE0679 RCH499 00-0174 C17 

AE123B RCH503 04-4130 C17 

AE1462 RCH504 06-6164 C17 

AE49C6 RCH526 09-9210 C17 

AE0559 RCH860 83-1285 C5M 

43C6F6 RRR2190 ZZ333 A332 

43C6F7 RRR2303 ZZ334 A332 

43C5DF RRR4546 ZM405 A400 

43C5DF RRR4547 ZM405 A400 

43C39C RRR7234 ZZ665 R135 

43C6FA RRR9420 ZZ337 A332 

AE11D6 SHUCK82 75-0556 E3TF 

44F127 STING11 FA-97 F16 

44F1A2 STING12 FA-132 F16 

44F0E0 TACO62 FA-70 F16 

3E9F71 TALON11 31+16 EUFI 

3E8555 TALON21 31+38 EUFI 

44F103 TIGER15 FA-83 F16 

AE01B9 VALOR21 84-0083 LJ35

This is Ghostrider…

On 30APR22 I logged the following on ADS-B:

HexCode Callsign Reg Type F\Alt L\Alt F\Sqk L\Sqk F\Time L\Time

AE690E ——– 18-5905 C30J 21000 21000 0000 0161 13:13:15 13:49:31

It turned out to be AC-130J 18-5905 enroute from BIKF via EGUN to Eastern Europe. Apparently this was the first visit of this particular aircraft in the European theatre.

Andrew St Edmunds photographed the aircraft while on approach to EGUN; awesome image!

Spotflight – RSD086

On 10APR22 a Russian IL96 picked-up several persona non grata in Bruxelles. Because of the sanctions and the flight restrictions the routing of the aircraft was a bit peculiar…

15770E RA-96014 RSD086 52.56190 4.28012 29975′ 323.6∞ 380.4kts 12:07:54UTC 6 *g IL96 7154

Spotflight – TUG3700

Early this morning my system picked up the following ADS-B traffic:

601831 TUG3700 EZ-A700 B737 at 22-04-20 03:30:49 UTC

601831 EZ-A700 TUG3700 0.00000 0.00000 38000′ 303.2∞ 447.1kts 03:38:58UTC 6 *g B737 3250 1 A3

It turns out to be the personal aircraft of the president of Turkmenistan. A bit of an illusive aircraft because not many details are known. However a fellow PP pointed me in the direction of an interesting article:

Boeing 737 EZ-A700 (translated). The original article (including imagery) can be found here.

A rare image of the actual airplane can be found here.

The aircraft apparently landed at KADM this same day after a stop over at probably KPQI. The reason for the aircraft being at the destination is probably for maintenance or upgrades / alterations to systems or the interior.

ADSB – 19APR22

3F6533 GAF685 14+03 GL5T at 22-04-19
3F9A92 OSY11D 15+03 A319 at 22-04-19
43C6B8 RRR6428 ZZ177 C17 at 22-04-19
43C6B8 RRR6429 ZZ177 C17 at 22-04-19
43C700 RRR2302 ZZ343 A332 at 22-04-19
44B2AD BAF84 OO-LUM FA7X at 22-04-19
44F0E7 BAF451 FA-77 F16 at 22-04-19
44F101 TIGER15 FA-81 F16 at 22-04-19
44F104 BAF251 FA-84 F16 at 22-04-19
44F109 TIGER32 FA-89 F16 at 22-04-19
44F122 BAF281 FA-92 F16 at 22-04-19
44F125 TIGER31 FA-95 F16 at 22-04-19
44F125 VR61 FA-95 F16 at 22-04-19
44F144 BAF271 FA-104 F16 at 22-04-19
44F147 BAF481 FA-107 F16 at 22-04-19
44F149 BAF292 FA-109 F16 at 22-04-19
44F168 BAF252 FA-118 F16 at 22-04-19
44F1A3 BAF291 FA-133 F16 at 22-04-19
48040C EPIC01 J-013 F16 at 22-04-19
48041C AG01 J-063 F16 at 22-04-19
480806 WILDC11 S-441 AS3B at 22-04-19
48086C APCHE44 Q-29 H64 at 22-04-19
480C1A NAF13 V-11 GLF4 at 22-04-19
480C25 DIAMO14 L-05 PC7 at 22-04-19
481047 TRDNT02 N-227 NH90 at 22-04-19
481048 NEPTN02 N-228 NH90 at 22-04-19
4841C4 MPH9172 PH-CKB B744 at 22-04-19
4841C5 MPH6121 PH-CKC B744 at 22-04-19
4841C5 MPH8372 PH-CKC B744 at 22-04-19
4844EF MPH6516 PH-MPS B744 at 22-04-19
4844EF MPH8321 PH-MPS B744 at 22-04-19
484607 NCG01 PH-CGN D228 at 22-04-19
484607 NCG03 PH-CGN D228 at 22-04-19
484AC1 ZXP25 PH-PXY A139 at 22-04-19
485B2F ZXP24 PH-PXX A139 at 22-04-19
50801C ADB3248 UR-82008 A124 at 22-04-19
70C0BA ORF6 A4O-AJ A319 at 22-04-19
89655F UAE8TG A6-EVS A388 at 22-04-19
AE0156 RCH859 57-1456 K35R at 22-04-19
AE0160 RCH804 57-1479 K35R at 22-04-19
AE01D1 JAKE11 62-4130 R135 at 22-04-19
AE0213 NCHO130 83-0075 KC10 at 22-04-19
AE022C NCHO131 86-0035 KC10 at 22-04-19
AE0421 LAGR384 58-0089 K35T at 22-04-19
AE0421 QID28 58-0089 K35T at 22-04-19
AE0424 LAGR120 60-0333 K35R at 22-04-19
AE04C1 LAGR221 58-0125 K35T at 22-04-19
AE04FE LAGR121 58-0100 K35R at 22-04-19
AE04FE LAGR220 58-0100 K35R at 22-04-19
AE07EC RCH749 96-0002 C17 at 22-04-19
AE0978 SPAR83 01-0076 GLF5 at 22-04-19
AE1170 RCH135 02-1098 C17 at 22-04-19
AE1178 RCH559 02-1106 C17 at 22-04-19
AE1197 RCH422 03-3114 C17 at 22-04-19
AE119D RCH317 03-3120 C17 at 22-04-19
AE123C RCH394 04-4131 C17 at 22-04-19
AE1241 RCH874 04-4136 C17 at 22-04-19
AE1460 RCH397 06-6162 C17 at 22-04-19
AE146A RCH330 07-7172 C17 at 22-04-19
AE146B RCH396 07-7173 C17 at 22-04-19
AE17EF SPAR24 05-0730 B737 at 22-04-19
AE20C9 RCH631 07-7188 C17 at 22-04-19
AE2FA4 RCH234 08-8192 C17 at 22-04-19
AE2FA6 RCH256 08-8194 C17 at 22-04-19
AE2FA8 RCH395 08-8196 C17 at 22-04-19
AE49C7 RCH451 09-9211 C17 at 22-04-19
AE4D69 RCH398 10-0216 C17 at 22-04-19
C2B3EB CFC4083 177703 C17 at 22-04-19

ADSB – 17APR22

7CF9C5 A41-213 ASY534 C17
C2B3B9 15003 CFC3153 A310
3B7543 F-UJCT CTM1076 A332
33FFAD MM62245 IAM3100 F9EX
AE0424 60-0333 LAGR120 K35R
AE04C1 58-0125 LAGR121 K35T
AE0421 58-0089 LAGR126 K35T
AE0237 61-0315 LAGR220 K35R
AE01DD 79-1712 NCHO133 KC10
AE07E9 95-0106 RCH117 C17
AE1170 02-1098 RCH135 C17
AE057D 87-0032 RCH160 C5M
AE123C 04-4131 RCH233 C17
AE2FA6 08-8194 RCH256 C17
AE119D 03-3120 RCH317 C17
AE0679 00-0174 RCH836 C17
AE0560 85-0003 RCH958 C5M
43C6F3 ZZ330 RRR2301 A332
43C04E ZZ175 RRR6412 C17
43C04E ZZ175 RRR6413 C17
43C700 ZZ343 RRR9913 A332
AE0945 01-0040 SAM832 B737
4B8203 62-3563 TURAF11 K35R

RRR9913 had PSYCHO61 in trail when RTB to the UK. They split-off to the north of the Netherlands.


I currently use my Raspberry Pi to monitor ADS-B transmissions on 1090 MHz. The program that I use is Dump1090-FA. The data that I receive is being fed into the PlanePlotter software on my laptop and I also feed to and For installation instructions see:

My live feed can be found on: Live ADS-B Feed

Furthermore I use the AirNav ADS-B 1090 MHz antenna and standard RTL-SDR dongle.

PlanePlotter ADS-B feed example

Dump1090 – ADS-B

Since yesterday, a new addition to the hobby:

ADS Reg. Flight Lat. Long. Alt. Course Speed Time Msg Usr Type Route Sqwk
43C041 ZH865 RRR5992 52.12619 3.70277 31000′ 88.4∞ 363.1kts 23:20:28UTC 6 *g C30J 1175

ADS Reg. Flight Lat. Long. Alt. Course Speed Time Msg Usr Type Route Sqwk
AE05A8 62-3551 LAGR226 0.00000 0.00000 33925′ 0.0∞ 0.0kts 21:46:15UTC 6 *g K35R 4633

ADS Reg. Flight Lat. Long. Alt. Course Speed Time Msg Usr Type Route Sqwk
AE037E 63-8887 LAGR125 0.00000 0.00000 35025′ 0.0∞ 0.0kts 06:08:54UTC 6 *g K35R 4624

ADS Reg. Flight Lat. Long. Alt. Course Speed Time Msg Usr Type Route Sqwk
AE5E0E 17-46033 RCH746 51.19588 6.17625 23000′ 139.7∞ 409.4kts 05:17:08UTC 6 *g KC46 2013

ADS Reg. Flight Lat. Long. Alt. Course Speed Time Msg Usr Type Route Sqwk
480C1A V-11 NAF11 52.44533 3.18423 16325′ 158.5∞ 313.8kts 07:22:53UTC 6 *g GLF4 6314

For pulling in the data I use Dump1090 and for display and logging purposes I use the PlanePlotter software. Next project is to get it running an the Pi with the help of this site.

The result is a list of aircraft and callsigns that are sometimes also up on HFDL or L-band but in a lot of instances they only show up on 1090 ADS-B:

43C39C ZZ665 RRR7209 R135
480C06 G-988 C130
480C1A V-11 NAF11 GLF4
AE0213 83-0075 KC10
AE037E 63-8887 K35R
AE0421 58-0089 LAGR126 K35T
AE0679 00-0174 RCH403 C17
AE0816 00-0180 C17
AE1BF6 07-4635 HKY133 C30J
AE20C5 07-7184 RCH825 C17
AE4E0D 11-5740 C30J
AE4F14 10-0220 RCH814 C17
AE5C9D 15-5831 HKY131 C30J
AE5E0E 17-46033 RCH746 KC46