POTUS Logs 28OCT21

President Biden is in Europe for several appointments. Unfortunately I didn’t log AF1 but luckily I did hear the mighty E-4B and C32A.

05649.0 SHANWICK USB SAM46 C32A 09-0016 KADW-LIRF Disconnect CPDLC and log on to EGGX. At 2128 SELCAL check. At 2137 Shanwick states that ATC does not get a repsonse on its CPDLC message, please log on again. Probably landed at LIRF. 28OCT21 2121

05649.0 SHANWICK USB GRIM99 E4B 74-0787 KADW-EGUN “Position report unreadable possibly 49N30W mentioned but confirmed SELCAL requested on MSBR. At 2213 Shanwick calls GRIM99 via voice and SELCAL on 3446, nothing heard. At 2215 a call on 5649 but also nothing heard.” 28OCT21 2208

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