Logfile 20210929

29/09/21 “TATTOO”

Inserting EAM traffic into the net on 4724 around 1800Z: “For GASP, NUS727K6VPSQURZGSIWB54C7AEL7O2, this is TATTOO out.” At 1822Z broadcasting G6BIACZ2BVCTLUXGA5DTCBF3X3PNRW.

29/09/21 “NAT-A”

Another interesting night on NAT-A 5649.0. Shanwick / BAW99 B777 G-YMMJ LHR-YYZ, AFR348 B777 F-GSPC CDG-YUL; “secondary 6622.0 and call Gander at 30W on 8891.0 or secondary 5616.0”, FBU718 A350 F-HREN ORY-YYZ, BAW179 B777 G-VIIK LHR-JFK, VIR25B A350 G-VLUX LHR-JFK, FDX27 B777 N842FD CDG-MEM, TAP132M E190 CS-TPS LIS-DUB. On 8891.0 Gander / AAL141 B777 N799AN LHR-JFK with SELCAL check on APMQ, N451BH G450 at FL400, BAW99 with SELCAL check at 30W, probably LOT3 B787 SP-LRG WAR-ORD with SELCAL check on CKAS near position 63N52W, THY11 B777 TC-JJI IST-JFK with SELCAL check on ACHK near 63N47W and QTR8101 B777 A7-BFH AMS-ORD.

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