FWL – 20210924

At 1934Z / 11175.0 with EAM traffic G6J32SZ64IRVDUHYSRIIZKF7SVBXDK. At 1954 transmitting G6P2TXI2LGU2ZFYWCINBH5HX5IY6AL. At the same time E-6B 164410 with callsign NOPE40 is in orbit near 39N69W.
On 6622.0 Shanwick directs 51 to QSY to 5649.0 or 4651.0. On 5649.0 POSREP: "51N30W/2034, FL240 blocking FL250, 51N25W2105, 51N20W next. SELCAL check on LPMS. At 2054Z cleared for the block FL260-270. Next POSREP is 51N25W/2107, FL260 blocking FL270, 51N20W/2129, RODEL next?

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