Aero Logs – 09NOV21

08891.0 ICELAND RADIO USB AIRCANADA44 B787 C-FVLU CYVR-VIDP Iceland Radio calling for 44 near 81N87W. After 84N60W the flight is cleared for FL360. Secondary is 4675. 08NOV21 1231

08891.0 GANDER USB BAW21G B787 G-ZBLA EGLL-KBOS Both stations very weak to unreadable. 08NOV21 2054

08891.0 GANDER USB LOT45 B787 SP-LRD EPWA-CYYZ 08NOV21 2058

08891.0 GANDER USB LOT9ME B787 SP-LSC EPKK-KORD SELCAL check on LSHM. 08NOV21 2058


04651.0 SHANWICK USB REACH911 C17 02-1105 LLBG-KDOV Receives frequencies 5649 and at 30W 8891 or 5616. SELCAL check on CGMS but no luck. QSY to 3446. Post flight UDXF indicates it was probably 02-1105 with hex AE1177. 08NOV21 2113

04651.0 SHANWICK USB VIRGIN539 B787 G-VDIA EGLL-KORD Apparantly 539 requests a QSY to 5649. 09NOV21 1949

04651.0 SHANWICK USB FIREBIRD5298 B747 G-CLBA EGNX- Both stations very weak to unreadable. 09NOV21 2004

05649.0 SHANWICK USB RYANAIR1YN B737 EI-EVO LPPT-EIDW Standard ADVAT, GELPO and JABEX routeing. Expecting ADVAT/2044. Secondary frequency is 4651. 09NOV21 2014

05649.0 SHANWICK USB EMIRATES76F A380 A6-EVG KJFK-OMDB Both stations very weak to unreadable. 09NOV21 2016

05649.0 SHANWICK USB EASY73QP A320 G-EZWY LPFR-EGPF Expecting ADVAT/2102, .77 and maximum FL380. Overhead Portugal at time of call. 09NOV21 2020

04651.0 SHANWICK USB N143QS BGE6000 N143QS EGGW- Secondary 5649 and at 30W 8891 or 5616 for Gander. Negative SELCAL check so call back in 5 minutes. 09NOV21 2022

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